Entry #1

Next art in works

2016-02-11 07:28:51 by airman4


Hi all !

A glimpse of my next big work

It's a fight between a special dragon and a lady , that dragon's name will be special maybe haha

For an exposition in Paris

hope they gonna love it for what it is



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2016-03-01 07:38:48

Looking good. Is this going to be an animation? And will it be uploaded to NG when it's complete?
I just watched Lonely Girl: Flight, and was amazed. I hope it does well in the Monthly Voting Time for Best of February. It's definitely got my vote :-)

airman4 responds:

It's have been uploaded
It was a drawing for a french exibhit , infos on the infos panel

Thanks for your vote !
Yeah i got many good reviews from that short , gives me props to do more